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Hadley's hand is now the same size as mine.  That is all.  

- Leanne Verkley


We did Easter a little early this year as we did it last weekend because we were in town.  So it made sense to double up events.
We started out by enjoying a meal with Brian's mom before going to Mark and Kaitlynn's buck and doe.  (Brian's cousin Mark).  We were fortunate to have Brian's mom watch the kids so we could enjoy an adult evening out.  It was nice to visit with lots of family.  We even learned that Brian's uncle Paul was being inducted into the Perth County Agriculture Hall of Fame.  Much congratulations to him!  Then the next day we spent the day with my dad for His and Hadley's birthday / Easter.  It's always a full house when all of us come for a visit but it was nice to catch up since I think it has been since Christmas that we last got together.  
That brings us to this weekend... Easter weekend.  4 days off with the kids and nothing big planned!  This morning we went over to the Greenwood Community Centre to enjoy a pancake breakfast and an Easter Egg hunt (in the rain).  The kids had a great time.  There were only three kids in the 8-12 age group and two of them were Hadley and Easton.  So they were happy with their hull.
I think they especially loved painting the wooden eggs as well.
Then it was back home for a lazy day as it is pouring rain!
I think we all needed some lazy time at home.
We have some ... nice to get done things... ear marked for this weekend, but really, if we only eat chocolate, colour eggs and do another egg hunt on Sunday at our house... that will be fine too.  

- Leanne Verkley

Talent Show, Washington D.C. and ROM

This past week Hadley had put in all the work to do the opening act with many other students for the schools talent show.  On Thursday night she and the others performed Vogue.  She looked so happy!  After the show we packed up and left to head to Buffalo as Friday was a PA day for the kids.  
We saw Niagara Falls at night and then slept before our big drive to Washington D.C. the next day.  Brian worked in the passenger seat while I drove, and this worked well.  The kids were great passengers for this long drive.  
We felt it was time to show the kids where we met, got engaged, and all the monuments we could fit in, as well as our tree where we got engaged under the cherry blossoms at the annual festival.  
From our hotel we walked many times through the walkways of the George Washington University, we saw the Washington monument, the Franklin Rosevelt monument, the Martin Luther King National Memorial, the Lincoln memorial, the White House, where there was a rally going on, but it was very peaceful.  We went to the Smithsonian to learn some American history.  We saw the bat mobile, and the ruby red slippers from the Wizard of Oz, the kids did a bunch of hands on things such as icon art, among many other things.  
While waiting for our table at the Hard Rock Cafe, we went to explore Ford's Theatre where Lincoln was shot and the Peterson house where he later died.  Brian and I have eaten at the Hard Rock Cafe every time we have been in D.C. so it was nice to do this with the kids also.  
We did a rather long walk to get back to our tree for sunset before the fireworks that evening.  Easton's fitbit read over 31 000 steps at the end of the day.  We were all done!
On the way home we explored Gettysburg National Military Park.  Easton was quite interested in the guns that were used.  It was warm enough this day that Brian took out his shorts to wear for the first time this year.  +20 Celcius.  
We also stopped in Hershey Pennsylvania.  MMMMMMMmmmm Chocolate!  We went on the chocolate tour, bought and tasted chocolate, and stretched our legs as the drive home was a long one.  
We got in at 2am, and just for fun... I volunteered for Hadley's class trip to the ROM (Royal Ontario Museum) today.  I had 7 lovely grade six girls, and more steps to add to my already sore body.  
It was a lovely weekend!

- Leanne Verkley

Hadley's 12th Birthday Party

After spending the day on Friday making cake and prepping icing and other cake supplies, Hadley and I managed to really outdo what I even thought was possible with her cake.  It was a rainbow kitten with three colours of icing mixed together with candy and oreos to make the face.  It was awesome if I do say so myself!  
We prepped the loot bags with candy, a sleep mask that was a rainbow unicorn, and some fun lip-balm with the girls initials on them!  I was so happy with these finds!
Hadley invited her two best friends, Ayslin who she plays with every week at Easton's hockey games and practices.  Her twin brother plays hockey with Easton.  So the girls spend a lot of time together!
She also invited her best friend from school, Harmony.  Harmony is in grade 7, a year older than Hadley, but they seem to really enjoy each others company at recess time.  She met her while volunteering to do kindergarten lunch supervision.
The three girls spent the day at the Oshawa Centre.  We started at Build-A-Bear.  Hadley got a fun birthday headband to wear and then the girls picked out a stuffed animal that they got to fluff themselves, adding a heart, and a sound inside them before sewing them up.  Hadley got a kitten of course, that she named Harmony after her friend as this was their first official playdate outside of school and she wanted to remember it, Ayslin got a purple bear, that she named Pinkie Pie, and Harmony got a classic brown bear, that she named Raptor.  They all picked their own birthday's as their stuffed animals birthdays but they all agreed that they would be born in 2019.
There were about 50 or maybe more different stuffed animals to choose from.  After fluffing, they got to "bathe" them by blowing air on them and using special brushes to get the extra fluff off them.  Then came the fun part of accessorizing them!  Hadley picked a super cute and colourful dress for her kitten with a nice bow on it, and she decided she didn't need shoes, Ayslin found some fun candy pyjamas and rainbow shoes, and Harmony made her bear a sporty bear by adding a Raptors shirt and black shorts with black running shoes, and cute army boxers underneath.  
The girls looked so happy!  After taking some fun photos with props, we were off to the food court where we enjoyed some snacks, drinks, cake and present opening.  Then to finish off this special 12th birthday party, the girls got their nails painted and had some fun giggling away with their unicorn sleeping masks.  
I am excited to see what 12 brings.  Every year, I love Hadley more and more!  I feel blessed to be able to provide this happiness to start off her next year!

- Leanne Verkley

2019-03-30 14:28:05

Today we went for Hadley's annual check up.  She is now 102 pounds up from 86.6 pounds last year.  She is excited because now she is able to sit in the front seat because she is tall enough, weighs enough and is old enough.  She is wearing a size 16 kids size clothing and size 5 shoes.  She is now 148 cm up from 139.5 cm from last year.  

I suppose I should note some of her favourite things:  Playing LOL's, clay creation, drawing, reading, skating.   Watching Cookie Swirl C is still a fun pass time for her which is a girl on Youtube who unboxes toys and shows them off.  She still enjoys My little Pony shows.  Her favourite food is steak!  She loves Cat EVERYTHING!  Her best friends are Ayslyn and Harmony.  

- leanne

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