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Canada Day

This year Canada Day was at home and I still felt like we represented Canada's birthday well.  The day started off with a relaxing morning where we all kind of went about things we wanted to do.  There was gaming, cleaning, reading etc.  Nothing too exciting.  However, in the afternoon I did a fireworks Canada Day online paint session which was fun.  I am super thankful that local artists are posting free online tutorials to follow.  I quite enjoy them!  Then we had the traditional smoked porkchop bbq dinner.  Brian grew up in Atwood and this is served every year for the community, so we try to do it here too.  After dinner we played online musical bingo.  I think this was a hit!  An online DJ played nothing but Canadian music (about a minute from each song), and then they would tell us the song and artist if we still didn't know right before going on to the next song.  The whole thing was about an hour and a half with Amazon gift card prizes and more for lines, L, and full cards.  Hadley even broke out the microphone and we may have had a family dance party.  Brian was one number away from a full card win.
After bingo we got the tent out and set up for camping in the backyard.  We enjoyed maple marshmallows roasted on the campfire.  (One you have maple marshmallows there is no going back.  They are superior in shape for roasting and taste SO GOOD! Easton humoured us with glow sticks taped to his body while he danced in the darkness, which was awesome!  The charades were brought out, and we just enjoyed each others company in our lovely backyard.  The fireflies came out, the stars were clear, fireworks were being set off in every direction and we could see them all from the comfort of our lawnchairs.  I tried to photograph them but they were just too far for my iphone 11 to capture, and I was too lazy to get out the good camera, so we just enjoyed them.  The weather was perfect for camping.  All in all a successful Canada Day!

- Leanne Verkley

Year in Review for grade 4 and 7

What do you remember about every day at school?
I remember not knowing which way to go around the school everyday from the bus because it changed often.  I usually sat with Matthew on the bus.  There was a posted near the gym that said be a buddy not a bully and I read that every time we went to gym class.  
Who is your best friend?
At school Matthew, Nathan and Lucas.  Other friends are Todd, Robin and Beckett.  
What is your favourite book?
The W.I.T.C.H series, and graphic novels.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
McDonalds worker because they get a discount.   I want to have fun with my friends and be a gamer.  
What is your favorite food to take to school?
Make your own tacos.
What is your favorite thing in gym, recess and or extracurricular?
Dodgeball, playing in the sand with Matthew, and cross country.
What is your favorite song?
Country roads.  
What is your favorite thing to watch?
Slogo Man.  He does gaming videos with Jelly and Crainer and Kwebbelkop.
Favourite Colour?  Blue
Teacher: For the most part of the year it was Mr. Clark up until March Break.  Then there was a pandemic, Covid-19.  Then it was a combination of online learning sent from Mr. Clark and work that my mom gave us until the end of the school year as we didn't go back to school.

What do you remember about every day at school?
Math because Mr. Cartright made learning more fun and interesting.
Who is your best friend?
Rachel from Skating.
What is your favourite book?
Keeper of the lost cities by Shannon Messenger.
What do you want to do when you grow up?
Cat entertainer, play, cuddle, feed, water, love.  
What is your favourite food to take to school?
What is your favourite thing in gym, recess and or extra curricular?
In gym, dodgeball, at recess, read or wander, and drawing club.
What is your favourite song?
Phoenix by League of Legends, Cailin Russo and Chrissy Costanza.
What is your favourite thing to watch?
Sugar Rush, a baking show on Netflix.
Favourite Colour? Lilac.
Who were your teachers?
My teachers were Mrs. Marquis for home room, Mr. Cooper for Music, Mr. Cartright for math, Miss. Colantonio for French.  Then it was a combination of online learning sent from the teachers and work that my mom gave us until the end of the school year as we didn't go back to school.

- Leanne Verkley

2020-06-27 13:58:22

Hadley also would like to add that something to do with books would be in her future.

- leanne

Hadley left the house

We are now in phase two of reopening businesses.  New cases in Canada are now less than 300 per day, and a lot of businesses are now re-opening.  While I only want to go out when necessary, and will wait on things like a haircut, this was something we decided would be okay as it was highly likely they would have the proper PPE, and medical procedures in place.  
Brian, Hadley and Easton have not left the house since March 12th.  (Over 3 months!) Well, they have been outside and the kids have walked or biked down the road with me, but not into civilization.  However, yesterday was the day that Hadley made her first venture out into the world for a dental cleaning appointment.  The experience was fantastic.  The office handled everything really well!  We called from the parking lot, we were the only ones in the waiting room, we stood as it was only about a minute, when we went to the room, the hygienist greeted us with all the PPE, face mask, plastic face shield, disposable gown and gloves.  Hadley had a peroxide rinse before anything began to clean as many germs as possible for everyone involved.   This cleaning had no electric tools, only manual cleaning to minimize fluids moving about.  After everything was done, they asked us to stay in the room to make sure no other person was in the hall.  Then just before leaving someone in their office provided both of us with mandatory hand sanitizer.  
I feel like they were really doing their best to make the office as clean as possible for everyone even though Covid-19 is still out there.  I was very happy with the experience.

- Leanne Verkley

2020-06-25 14:09:08

I should probably add that Hadley wore an N95 mask for the first time and at first she said it felt the experience of being out felt weird.  Weird being in the van, weird being out with people, weird wearing a mask, but then after we got home, she said it all felt normal too.  What she meant by that was being out felt normal, not that wearing the mask, using the sanitizer instantly after touching anything, and disinfectant wipes, and showering instantly after arriving home, that wasn't normal.

- leanne

School Pick Up

Since the kids are going to finish off grade 7 and grade 4 at home, we had to make arrangements to get their things from school.  Last week I picked my time, and yesterday I went into the school. Technically I didn't actually go in the school, just Hadley's class portable and the front lobby area of the school, let me explain.
I arrived at the school, there were bins in the front yard where I placed library books that we had at home, Hadley's clarinet, and there were other bins for things like broken chrome books and such but I just needed the two bins.  I then walked around to the portables, there were chalk lines for distancing but I strategically picked the earliest time on the first day so that less people would have touched anything before me.  I walked right into her class.  The door was open.  There was a sign in, so in my gloved hands I signed in.  I went to Hadley's desk where everything was neatly piled on top.  With a bag from Easton's class of his belongings on top of hers so I would only have to go to one classroom.  I carefully balanced everything, and then on my way out, I remembered that I needed to go to the coat rack to find her shoes.  Luckily Easton brought his shoes home at March Break.  With everything carefully balanced I was able to go back to the van where I placed their things to stay for a few days, maybe a week.  I then went into the front lobby of the school where there was a garbage can for glove disposal, and hand sanitizer.  I wished the principal, vice principal and custodian a good summer and I was on my way.  Still, I felt contaminated and a second shower for the day happened as soon as I got home.

- Leanne Verkley

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