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Long Weekend / No School

This long weekend had a different feel.  It still felt like a long weekend as we didn't do school and Brian didn't work.  Plus we got outside to do some yard work.  My flower garden is weeded and new flowers are planted that I got with my grocery order.  (A perk.  They gave them to me for free with my large order.  This happens when you can only do online pick up orders every two weeks).  We cleared up some brush along the tree-line of fallen trees that we will use for future backyard campfires.  Hadley drove the lawn tractor for the first time as we collected the brush, she drove down the tree line for us to put our collections in.  She was pretty excited to do this!  Plus Brian also got the lawn got cut.  I love spending time outside when there is beautiful weather.  It wasn't all wonderful weather thought, so on one of the rainy days we watched Back To The Future for the first time with the kids.  Such a good movie.
On Tuesday the government announced that there would be no return to school in June.  So, we will continue with at home learning.  The teachers have been fantastic about providing learning opportunities and we work away each day at learning for about 4 hours.  Today while the kids were working away at projects I decided I would give making home-made donuts a try.  I think they were a success!
Also in the governments announcement was a decision about summer camps.  No over night summer camps.
So, while we will take a break from school for the summer, the summer will look much different this year as we embrace all that is our backyard.  Today, Hadley went into the wet area to the west of our house, she was knee deep wet with her running shoes, and she was happy to do it, to rescue a frisbee, we went skipping and biking down our road.  I am sure more adventures like these will be what we experience over the coming months.  We have already done kite flying, baseball, built forts, and balance beams and other such things in the backyard, but there are so many things we can explore!

- Leanne Verkley

Mother's Day

The day was spent with those I love.  We enjoyed breakfast together, and there were presents.  Brian got me the ever so appreciated Lysol disinfectant wipes that I have been looking for since the pandemic began.  Apparently he went online to try to order them a few times a day for many days until he was able to actually purchase a three pack for me.  This will come in handy as I continue to wipe down all groceries and mail that comes into the house.  Hadley got me a new exercise ball.  I have been doing online workouts and unfortunately the ball I had from before Hadley was born was just ripped by one of the cats claws, so she was ever so kind in asking Brian to assist with getting this for me.  Easton had a few art projects on the go this week which resulted in a heart MOM drawing, and a a flip heart card.  Plus both kids also did an about mom page for me.  I also received a lovely card that read:  Best Quarantine Mom, Wife and Teacher Ever!  Later in the day the kids and Brian gave me some alone time while they went outside and came back with a wildflower bouquet for me and then after dinner we enjoyed a Disney sing along on TV.  Throughout the day we made calls to our moms, and to our sisters who are moms.  All in all, a good day.

- Leanne Verkley

I gave Brian a haircut

So, I never thought this day would come.  I was a little nervous but Brian let his hair get long enough that almost any cut would make him happier.  So... I took to his 1990's beard trimmers... since we don't usually do hair cuts at home, and I cut the back.  Around the neck was much shorter than I had anticipated but with a little work... it was ok.  This was the part I was least worried about as people can't really see the back on a video conference call.  However, next up were the sides.  I managed ok.  From here I hit the part I was most nervous about... cutting the top and front with scissors.  I watched a few videos to give me some idea of what to do, and Brian was pretty good at telling me what normally happens.  So...away I went.  Two finger widths long near the front, and one finger long near the back.  Then... the hardest part... blending.  This took a little finessing and to be honest sometimes my scissors were cutting sideways to make the blend happen.  I also used the trimmers to blend some parts.
Okay, so it wasn't perfect, but honestly for my first ever effort with beard trimmers, we were both happy with the outcome.
Easton... well, for now he has decided to grow Covid-19 hair.

- Leanne Verkley

My Cousin Megan got married - In quarantine

A day in the life of quarantine... We are keeping quite busy and don't feel bored at all.  We usually do about four hours a day of schooling which keeps us quite busy, I have also been to a school board online meeting, and with the help of our principal and my co-chair, we hosted a parent council meeting for our school.    All of which went quite well.  Hadley has class meetings once a week online and they usually play Kahoot which is a quiz game or they talk about projects, and just "feel" social.  Easton calls his friends and they play Prodigy which is an online math game, or Adventure Academy which is an online s math, science, language arts, and social studies game.  Easton also plays a game called Arc (Dinosaur game) and a few others with friends online.

We try to incorporate fun into our days.  Lots of baking including butter tarts from scratch that doubled as a school project.  Painting.  We did an online face drawing class.  Bike rides down our road.  I am doing an online 12 week workout.  The kids and I are enjoying watching The Voice on TV.  We made a cake and did more video calling to celebrate Julie's birthday.  I have had a few girls night video conferences.  We have watched One World, an American show put together by famous people most notably singers but other famous people too, to raise money for food banks, and then we watched Stronger Together, the Canadian version to raise money for Canadian food banks.  
Easton started soccer on WebEx.  So they will be doing a half an hour weekly of indoor exercises with a soccer ball where they can see their team and get some exercise.
And probably the biggest news in the last two weeks was my cousin Megan marrying Paul.  This was such an interesting experience.  We got a link sent to us to watch the wedding online.  They were allowed 5 people total.  The two of them, the priest and two guests to sign.  I am sure this was a difficult decision.  However, since Paul's brother had already gotten married, the decision was made that my cousin's parents would get to be there as this would be their only child getting married.  I wish I could have been there but obviously I understand.  They weren't even allowed in the sanctuary.  They were literally allowed just inside the church doors, and the priest was six feet away.  Still, we as a family got dressed up, took photos, watched their ceremony, and now we wait to celebrate with them sometime likely next year when they will renew their vows with guests.  Much congratulations go out to them!
Other than that, the biggest and really only outing I have had is getting our click and collect grocery order by myself (Brian and the kids have not gone out since March 12th) and waiting to see what the grocery store actually had versus what we ordered.  Grocery day is tiring as I hand wash every item that comes into the house.  But I think we are good for another two weeks.

- Leanne Verkley

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