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Track and Field - Hadley earned two ribbons!

Today was track and field day for the kids.  The weather was predicting rain, but it held off and ended up being a beautiful day.
Easton is in a 3/4 split class, so he was outside all day, however... the grade three's were not participating.  Just cheering.  He would have loved to compete, but he will next year.
Hadley however, did compete... and she earned two ribbons!
5th place for 800 metre running and 6th place for triple jump. Congratulations Hadley!  She was beaming with pride.  She persevered and finished with the result being a few ribbons to wear with said pride!  I am so proud of her!  This is the first year she has earned ribbons, so it was a very happy day indeed!  

- Leanne Verkley

Daffodil a palooza

This past weekend we went to Listowel.  I was able to help my dad out by picking up some koi and delivering them to him for his pond. Then we went to visit with Brian's sister Lisa and her husband Jeff who few in from the Yukon.    We enjoyed a nice walk to the park where we met Lisa's friend Cathy and her dog.  The kids enjoyed some lovely out door time.  Then we enjoyed pizza back at Brians moms house where Julie also joined in the fun.  The next day was Paul's daffodil party where many of the Verkley's gathered for a beautiful day outside.  Flowers everywhere, people everywhere, and we even met Brian's cousin Leahanne's new baby Liam for the first time.
It was a full weekend but it was lovely to see so many people.

- Leanne Verkley

Ceiling Fan Lights for the kids

After living here for almost 5 years (it will be in July), we finally switched the construction lights in the kids rooms to ceiling fan lights in their rooms.  It was a process of looking for the right fan/light that they each picked out.  Then we spent time getting each of them to help assemble their own fan blades and then Brian and I (mostly Brian), did the work to put our hands above our heads for hours to assemble them in their rooms.  Hadley chose a rainbow of colours for her fan, while Easton chose a hockey theme.  I think they will be thankful for the fans in the summertime.
I am thankful that Brian knows a little something about electrical.  

- Leanne Verkley


Hadley's hand is now the same size as mine.  That is all.  

- Leanne Verkley

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