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Bedroom Closets

So, when you build your own house and do a lot of the work yourself, sometimes things get left to do for later after you move in.  Like... closets.   The past two weekends were spent building closets.  We built three.  We still have two more to do on the main floor but that is for another day.
We built the inside of Brian's closet soon after we moved in as he needed to have his work shirts hung.   We learned a lot from that build, and tried something different when we did the mudroom closet.
Then years later after living out of laundry baskets for way too long, came the great bedroom closet build.  First we did Hadley's closet, then Easton's, and then mine.  None of them are fancy, they all just have a shelf and a pole for hanging clothes, but they are all functioning.  This is HUGE!  At first I had dreams of all kinds of fun shelving, which may still happen one day, but life happens and well, after years of doing without a closet, I am happy to have a shelf and a pole.  
I spent much of the weekend cleaning out closets and while most of the stuff went back in, there were boxes from each closet that I still have to go through.  Easton has one box left, Hadley has about three, and I have four.  Fun fact... I had a small box of clothes that I fit before I had Hadley that were in my closet... now, they fit Hadley and I just moved them to her closet.  I had a box that was perfectly her size.  This includes fun shirts with Fragle Rock on it and a cabbage patch shirt to name a few.  I have one more box of clothes the that are a little bigger and will likely fit her in the next few years.
Cleaning out a closet is a lot of work!  However, I am happy to say that the stuff that is back in the closets are organized!  
I think it will take me some time to work my way through the other boxes, but I will get there.  

- Leanne Verkley

December 2018

The month was a busy one as you can expect.  Writing and sending Christmas cards, girls outings. This year I fit in a mommy group (Lori, Annie, Patti, Beth, Chaylee, Christine, and Krista couldn't make it, but she was in our thoughts) girls night out at Symposium, another night out with Marsha and Melissa, a breakfast with Barb at the same restaurant, a lunch with Punam at Swiss Chalet where we were serenaded by a lovely bunch of ladies all dressed to the nines.  It must have been a choir lunch.  Of course there was the tree and house decorations that were attended to.  The Greenwood Christmas that included a potluck dinner, carol sing a long, crafts and of course a visit from Santa Claus who brought gifts for all the kids.  Shaye came for a sleepover.  There were baskets filled and decorated for the annual school fundraiser which raised over $900.  
I counted and helped with the three Pizza Days we held each Friday.  There was the school holiday concert where Hadley sang in the choir and Easton played his guitar, while another student played the drums, and another the piano while the rest of his class sang the song:  the sound of silence by Simon and Garfunkel.  I was so proud of Easton for deciding to play in front of so many people.  We also fit in Christmas with Brian's dad in Kitchener with Julie and Wole, Wole's niece Tolu and Patti Jo's dad Bill, Brian's mom at our house with the full turkey dinner where Julie, Wole, Cecelia, and Wole's neice Tolu joined us. My dad with both my brother and sister and her family, and my cousin Pamela who brought my grandma Louch.  I even got to visit my mom.  This visit was with my aunt Nancy, and my brother at my mom's house.
We made time to go out and see the lights in Uxbridge.  I love this.  It makes my heart happy.  We even found the house with the leg lamp on Holsted road in Brooklin from the move a Christmas story.  
We spent Christmas at home opening presents and enjoying the day.  The kids woke up at a sensible 8am, and we opened stockings, had breakfast and then opened presents until almost lunch.  
We went skating at the new outdoor rink in Ajax.  Pat Bayly Square.  It is small but nice to have a free resource like this so close to home.  They flood it often.  The day we went it was plus 9C, so they were actually just taking water off, but it was smooth and had a solid 2 inch base.
We spent many days playing new games and making slime, tobogganing after a quick down fall of snow that came after the plus 9C day,  and other such fun.
I realize this blog post is more of a list of things rather than a story but life keeps happening, so I keep living and loving it!  
We hosted our annual New Years Party with the Benders and the Kohlsmith's.  Board games, balloon drops, music, jello and other such fun drinks and late bedtimes.  All good!
There were haircuts, shopping, dentists appointments and other things as well but they are way less interesting than the above mentioned things.  
I love being busy, and I love taking in every moment.  I also loved that there were days were we could just be at home enjoying our family.  
I am so thankful and so blessed.  

- Leanne Verkley

Star 1 skills - Figure Skating

During the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Hadley was ready this week to do her Star 1 skills test and she passed!  She is doing so well and we are so incredibly proud of the things she can do on the ice.  
I know this is a short post, but I didn't want to miss reporting on it.

- Leanne Verkley

Christmas is coming...

The last few days have been crazy busy.  On Thursday I took the kids out of school an hour early to take them to see the Christmas train.  Terri Clark sang, and we enjoyed carolling with the revellers.  Always a fun way to collect food and money for the feed the need community.  Raising $7000 in just about an hour.
On Friday we went to the Pickering Tree Lighting Ceremony.  The kids were especially aware this year of what they wanted to do at this event.  Rides!  The lines were long but we got about 4 rides in, saw Santa and Mrs. Claus, sang carols, decorated gingerbread cookies and watched the fireworks all while the event happened by battery power as the power was unfortunately out in that part of town and we didn't actually even notice until it was brought to our attention.  I love this fireworks display!
The Verkley Christmas was in Kitchener this year at Rustico on Saturday.  This was actually a decent restaurant for mingling.  I was sceptical as restaurant meals usually mean eat with your own family and go home, but it was actually good and I caught up with a lot of people, and the food was good.  We were only in the restaurant for about 2 hours and then about 7 hours back at Brian's dad's house.  Brian unfortunately couldn't be there as he was celebrating his friend Shawn's 40th birthday with the guys. Which I also understand was a good time, leading to him going to bed at 6am ish!  (Video Gaming).
We can't do it all... but we do try.  I love this life!

- Leanne Verkley

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