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Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

7.33 / 10

2008-05-28 01:02:54

Definitely an Indiana Jones film, with lots of throwbacks to the originals.  I really like how many of the original actors were in this version so many years later, including Karen Allen. Great action sequences with a nice nostalgic feel.  Well, that is where the good parts end, I fear.
I think the Bourne series has ruined this type of action flick for me now.  Bourne is the new Indy, but with less movie magic.  See, now that Bourne has proven that you can do an action flick while respecting nearly every law of physics, I find it hard to enjoy a movie that disregards such "laws".
The movie isn't terrible, but it isn't beloved like the originals either.  And if you haven't seen the originals, you can skip this because this movie relies on the nostalgia boost.

- brian
rated - 6

2008-05-29 15:17:14

Ironically the comment I made as I exited the theater to my friends was "It felt like I had just watched an Indiana Jones movie that was made in the 80s and I had just not seen it till now"
After seeing how Lucas destroyed my childhood favorite trilogy   (Obviously I am talking about Star Wars) I was more then worried about this film.
I found to movie to be very much what I loved about the old Indiana Jones movies from the action to the puzzle solving.   I agree that if you have not seen the other Indiana Jones movies then this is not a movie to go see.
I actually have a higher opinion of how they chose not to transfer to today's style of action movies and rather kept the same Indy movies we all loved in the past.  This made sense to me as they were making a movie that is drawing a fan base from a different time. If only they had done this with Star Wars!
If they wanted to make a movie that followed today's standards, my opinion would be to actually come up with a new idea for a movie rather then piggyback off of previous success.  

- Joe
rated - 9

2008-05-29 20:38:40

I guess I am not a huge Indy fan, but I did have an appreciation for the "same" movie making look and feel of the new movie as the old flicks.   This would have been a good way to do the Starwars movies as noted in Joe's post. However, there is something to say about Brian's post and realism.  
There were the rope scenes, the jumps and fights, that everyone would expect.  Not to mention the nostalgic music and shots of the famous hat.
I found it was hard to get into the movie at the beginning but seemed a little better in the middle, but then it seemed to loose me a little near the end. However, all this could have something to do with seeing a movie with a 14 month old on my lap who had little interest in the movie.
In short, if you are an Indy fan, I think you will like this flick.  If you didn't really have a huge appreciation for it in the first is O..Kay.

- leanne
rated - 7

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