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Hadley's 10 year old check up

Today we went for Hadley's annual check up.  She is now 73.8 pounds up from 60 pounds last year.  She is just above the 50th percentile for weight, which is about the same as last year.  
She is wearing size 10-12 clothing.  
She is now 133 cm up rom 129.5 cm last year.  This is around the 15th percentile.  Last year she was around the 25th percentile.  This apparently short for her age group but she seems similar to her peers.  
Hadley was asked how she is at school and during extra curricular activities, how she is around her peer group and family.   Her blood pressure was 118/80 which is normal.  
Overall an easy check up.
Another healthy year for the books!

- Leanne Verkley


I thought I would do a separate post for Butterscotch even though we got our new cat on the March Break.  March 13th.
For the past 6 months we have missed our dear Tinkerbelle so much, so we decided that durning March Break we would get a new cat.
On the first weekend of the March Break we went to Listowel on the Sunday to celebrate Hadley's birthday with my dad.  She was turning 10, and he will be 60 on April 6th.  So with my sister's busy schedule we decided to celebrate them together.  Then we slept over at Brian's mom's house, had a wee celebration for Hadley with gifts and singing and such only to head out to our friend Shawn's parents farm who a few weeks earlier we had made arrangements to get a barn cat from them.
She is perfect.  Calm, cuddly, gives you space, and yet loves to be in the same room as you.  
When we got her, we literally took her directly to the vet in Listowel to give her a once over.  She was dewormed, de-flea'd, and... well that was it because the rest of her exam showed that she was in fact PREGNANT.  To be honest we don't actually mind, but after this litter she will be chipped, spayed and get her shots.  :)
I kinda love that the kids will get to experience this.
She doesn't really climb where she isn't supposed to but that could be because of the babies in her belly.  She is approximately 3 years old and has had one litter before.
A cat's gestation period is just over 60 days, so without paying for an ultrasound, it meant that the vet was pretty sure she was more than halfway through her pregnancy since she could tell without such devices.  :)
However, we were lucky enough to have a co-op student at the vets so they used the ultrasound on her anyway to check for heart beats, but they didn't give us any more information (how many etc) other than they seemed healthy at this point.
And once again, we are a cat family.

- Leanne Verkley

March Break

This week was March break so we have been crazy busy.
The kids got new shoes for spring and we tried out laser quest with some school friends for the first time, they loved lazer quest!  
We enjoyed Lynde shores and the beautiful outdoors / animals, Hadley even pet a goose.
We have been to Home Depot to do crafts, and this time the Home Depot character came out for the fun.  
Groceries is always a fun activity.  :)
Then we went to see Trolls at the Cineplex, and while both kids had moments where they didn't think it would work out in the end, by the end... they both said they loved it!  It was so colourful and had such great music.  The songs have been in our heads all week!
We have also done a swim at the community centre and had an orthodontist appointment for Hadley.
Thursday we met up with Patti, Alicia and Chelsea to play in Greenwood.  We had hopes to skate at the outdoor rink but it was thawed.  So we just played outside.
Then in the afternoon we headed to Disney On Ice.  Both kids loved it.  Originally it was going to be a Hadley and me date but after we found out that Brian had to work we were lucky enough to find a seat right beside ours still available!  I really can't believe it still!
It was a really fun afternoon!  And above all odds we bumped into my friend Mary from C4 and her daughter Makayla.
Friday was a clean the house, bake a cake and get ready for Hadley's birthday party kind of day.  
The evening started with pizza for dinner, a little Wii Dance, then they were so hot that they went outside with their drinks and toasted to Hadley.  This was followed by cupcake decorating where icing and sprinkles went everywhere.  Hadley directed a band in the playroom that had Easton on drums, Laquoia on keyboard, Kennedy on guitar and Ariana and Hadley singing the hit song Sunshine in my pocket by Justin Timberlake.  The conversation from the night mostly revolved around the movie Trolls so it was good that we saw it earlier in the week!!!  After this there was  a puppet show and then craziness in bed!  I think they finally settled down just after 11pm!  I heard a lot of hash tag and then whatever they were talking about...  and then just a lot of giggles.
The next morning the girls slept until 8:15am, then they enjoyed a pancake and bacon breakfast with syrup, jam and whip cream... and fruit on the side.
Then we were off to Nebs Fun World for bowling, pizza lunch, rides (the tilt-a whirl type ride and the slidder (up and down type ride), then an indoor playground which they played hide and go seek in, followed by arcade fun.
We were all tired by the end but I think Hadley's tenth birthday party was a success!
Sunday Easton had an early hockey game that they won with literally about 2 seconds to spare. 4-3!
Then later in the day Shaye came to visit and she and I went to see the new Beauty and the beast movie.  So fun!
We talked until about 1am!  
Hadley woke up today to a closed door that had balloons all over it held in with Happy Birthday crepe paper, so when she woke up and opened the door, balloons came in on her to start her day!  Then there was a hunt for 10 signs around the house that said "Look who's Ten", followed by a waffle birthday breakfast, presents - Troll playdoh from Easton, Build-a-bear clothes, lip gloss, nail polish, books and pokemon cards, as well as her iPod Touch,  from us.  Shaye got her Lego Elves, and a new Muskoka Bear wear hoodie.
And she took cupcakes to school.
I think... a success.
And I got the kids on the bus in time!  Then Shaye and I met up with Rachel and Sarah, friends of ours from our Camp Hermosa Days, like 15-20 years ago!  
Now back to the regular schedule.  
Did I mention, I love March Break!  I had such a great week... sleep is for the weak!

- Leanne Verkley

Brian has been travelling...

In the last few weeks life has been a little crazy...
We did a pancake breakfast at the school which tuned out amazing.  We all had a great time, volunteers and staff/students.  With a little effort I was able to get the pancakes and real maple syrup donated and the rest came together easily.  
The kids are now registered for spring swimming and Easton in spring basketball.  Hadley is still considering her spring sport of choice.
There have been some play dates with the neighbours, a hole in my van tire, hockey practice and playoffs, and Hadley achieved her level 5 badge for skating!
In the last two weeks Brian has been to Las Vegas, USA then Cape Town, South Africa followed by Johannesburg, South Africa.  He was home for 15 hours between travel from the USA to South Africa, where we balanced sleep for the un-slept, a hockey practice, a birthday party that Easton was invited to for Andrew from his hockey team, laundry for Brian and a little girl with a fever.
Then there was just over 50 hours between South Africa and where he is this week.  In those hours we balanced a hockey practice where Brian went from airport to ice, a hockey game, a birthday party for Hadley's 10th/my dad's 60th, a birthday gathering at Brian's moms and a skate with Brian's cousin Adam and his little boys in Listowel for Paddyfest.  Then Brian was off on the way home from Listowel to Boston the last three days with a delayed flight to Toronto last night that led to a hotel stay rather than a home stay because his flight was early this morning to Edmonton.
He must be so jet lagged.  
In the last month to paraphrase Brian:  We were in the Western hemisphere. Brian was not. We were in the Northern hemisphere. Brian was not. We were in winter. Brian was in summer. But are are still only a slack message or a video call away.

- Leanne Verkley

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