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The kittens are growing like crazy.  Hadley is amazing with them!  She checks on them morning and night and makes sure each one gets at least 5 minutes of being held each day.  
This week we put the litter box near them and set each on in it.  Then... they began to use it.  Success!
Up until now Butterscotch has been taking care of all messes.
They are much more active now.  Last night they didn't sleep in the box like they have been doing  but rather near the golf clubs in the basement.  They wander like crazy.  At first this was stressful on Hadley because sometimes they are hard to find.  However now she knows that cats need to explore and she is better with it.  Especially since she understands that they will eventually come back to Butterscotch for food or they will come back for the litter box.

- Leanne Verkley


Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.  Today the SCC put together a STEM day with a grant that we got last from an application that we put in last year.  The day included a morning of cutting up fruit and vegetables, setting up cheese and cracker trays, as well as dessert trays.  Then an hour of key note speakers in the gym for parents where we got to build structures out of 20 pieces of spaghetti, one yard of painters tape, one yard of yarn, and one marshmallow.  The idea was to build the tallest structure possible in 18 minutes to hold the marshmallow at the top without puncturing the marshmallow.  Our structure did not hold up at all.  But it was fun.
In Hadley's room her group was given sponges, tongue depressors, cotton balls, dish soap and a few other items to try to clean up a simulated oil spill.  (A bin full of water with oil in it).  Easton's group was given 40 jube jubes and as many tooth picks as they needed to build the tallest structure they could in 18 minutes.
After school we went to buy supplies.  With mini marshmallows and tooth picks, we had our own competition for tall structures.  Then we built a bridge as a family.  There was a suspension element added and then names were made with tooth picks and marshmallows.  
What a fun day.

- Leanne Verkley

Track and Field

Today was track and field at the school.  It was Hadley's first ever track and field.  Every kid participated in every event.  She said her favourites event was long jump.
I went to the school today to help with pizza day and while I tried to check out her events, I had just missed the last of the girls running and her other events wouldn't start until second period after lunch, so, I didn't see her participate but I did see how the events were run and while I was there for lunch duty I did see lots of kids practicing.  They spent the entire day outside!  It was a beautiful day at approximately 16 degrees.  
What a nice way to spend a Friday.

- Leanne Verkley

The kittens

At around day 10 the kittens eyes began to open.  This is very exciting because it means they are starting to move around more.  Between day 8 and 14 we started by taking one kitten out and holding it for about 2 minutes and then putting it back.  Then finally around day 14 Butterscotch now keeps them in the box after we bring them out...but only until it gets dark.  Then she carries them off to hide them.  This time behind a spare mattress.  From what I understand, this is normal in the wild to hide them in different locations while they are learning to walk around.
Hadley wakes up every morning to check on them and do a head count.  She is very fond of them.  Easton loves them too, but he would rather spend a few minutes with them and then move on.  
They are super fun to have around.  Their little noises are very cute.  They are so fun to cuddle.  

- Leanne Verkley

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