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Trolls, Trekking, Mini Golf, Ginger and Zoo

The last couple of days have been quite busy.  We took the kids to see Trolls, the movie in the park.  Despite it starting at 9pm, it was great!  The kids loved the outdoor experience!  The weather was perfect!  
Then I had a day where plans changed so I called up my brother and we decided to take the kids trekking.  There is a place in Stouffville called Tree Walk Village and it is essentially webbed ropes between trees with little tree fort type houses that have slides and ramps to run though.  Two hours of this and I was tired but the kids kept running!  
After this we enjoyed dinner out and then did some glow in the dark mini golf.  It was a lovely day with my brother.  So glad the day worked out this way!
Ginger our orange tabby now known as Geddy has found a new home with Brian's uncle Jeff.  He is working on a friendship with their dog but it may take some time.  :)
Yesterday with some last minute planning we managed to get together with my sister and her family at the Toronto Zoo.  
I had a lovely time with them.  I think they had a great day also!  My kids thought it was a super treat to get popsicles from the concessions, they also rode the carousel, and we came back to our house to feed the horses and enjoy some pizza together.
I had a great day with my nieces and nephews, my sister and brother in law.  

- Leanne Verkley

First two weeks of summer.

The first week of the summer was mostly consumed by swimming lessons.  This is the first time we have done a week long lesson rather than weekly lessons and the first time we have done outdoor lessons.  We lucked out as the week was the sunniest we have seen all summer.  SO MUCH RAIN this year!  
We managed to get signed up for the summer reading club at the library, and go to a few different parks.  We had some fun at the skate park with the scooters, and my cousin Megan came to stay for a night and watch Easton's soccer game before heading off to a wedding up north.  
On the weekend Brian came home from Boston late but the LAN party was already started when he arrived close to midnight.   5 guys... having a fun summer weekend!
I took the kids strawberry picking and I think all the guys were thankful for the fresh summer fruit snack.  MMmmmmmm, Ontario strawberries!
This week I took the kids for their dentists appointments and I was able to take an afternoon to go into Toronto to spend the day with two old room-mates from post secondary.  One was just in for the summer from South Africa this time living with her brother in Toronto... I think teaching in China is up next for her.  The other lives in Brantford, so Toronto seemed the mid point to meet and it worked out.  We had a long lunch and then walked around to Nathan Phillips Square, the Eaton's Centre, enjoyed a free 7/11 slurpee for their birthday and eventually found our way to John Street for more food.
We have had one playdate with Hadley's friend Ariana for about three hours at a splashpad/park.  I think the girls loved it!
We have filled our three feet deep pool and had some outdoor fun for hours in the backyard.
We are about two weeks into summer holidays and I can't believe how fast it has gone already.

- Leanne Verkley

Happy 150th Birthday Canada!

This year marked Canada turning 150!  I remember when it turned 125.  I don't actually remember what I did on Canada Day per-say, but I do remember attaching a letter that I wrote to a balloon in hopes that where ever it floated off to, someone would find it and write back...and they did!  I remember coming back in September and being one of the few people who received a letter addressed to the school with my name on it.  It was found in a farmers field.  
So with that memory, I tried to get the kids school to do something similar and the vote was for the environment and sadly no balloons would be set free.  However, we did try to take a photo of the school with kids dressed in red and white standing in the shape of 150.  I so badly wanted to be the photographer but I wasn't allowed on the roof, so I will be happy enough with the photos that the principal sent me.  
On the actual Canada Day we drove to Atwood to celebrate where Brian celebrated many childhood Canada Day's.  
The day started with a parade of over 200 floats.  Some had lots of decoration, some were just trucks but they all counted.  The pool had a float that had a pool filled with water that the people on it were splashing to the crowd.  Hadley wasn't a big fan, but at least she dried quickly.
During the parade we talked with Brian's extended family.  (Krista, Cooper, and Griffin (Adam was not well), Brian's cousin Steven and his wife Melissa, Nora, and Ed).  
After the parade we put our lawn chairs back in the van and minutes later the DOWN POUR of rain came, so we went into Krista's house for about an hour before heading over to the carnival type festivities.  The kids loved this!  There were jumpy castles, PLINKO, knock down the milk cans, ring toss, skee ball, cotton candy and more.
There was a beer tent, baseball going on in the background, and an open pool for a public swim and then at dinner time, the famous pork-chop BBQ.  So yummy.  Brian's dad and his wife Patti-Jo joined us for this dinner.
After dinner we did some park time and then did some visiting with my dad and Brenda, Shawn, Todd and Julia who joined us for the fireworks!
All in all a good day with family and friends celebrating our heritage!
Happy Birthday Canada!  #150!

- Leanne Verkley

Canada's Wonderland

This past weekend we had plans that fell through leaving us with an entire day that was unplanned.  SO... we took the kids to Wonderland!  It was spur of the moment and awesome!
The weather this year has been rain, rain and more rain.  I really can't believe how much rain we have had.  However, that day, it was perfect.  Warm but not too hot, and no rain.  Line ups were about half an hour long and reasonable.
We were sure Easton was going to love the day but Hadley had previously not been a thrill seeker when it came to roller coasters, however, after a first go at Thunder Run, she was all set for the day and took on the Wild Beast, The Vortex, The Goaster Coaster, Wonder Mountain's Guardian, The Fly, Silver Streak and a few other rides.  Of course key rides we also enjoyed were White Water Canyon, and the Krachenwagen (bumper cars)!
We even finished the day off with a second go of Thunder Run at night.  
It was a fantastic family day!  I really can't believe how well the day went.  One for the memory books for sure!
The night ended with The Tragically Hip playing on the loud speakers and a Canada Flag being displayed on the mountain.  
I love that Canada #150 is celebrated all around us this year!

- Leanne Verkley

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