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Sick and tired for Valentine's Day

The last three weeks have had Brian traveling to Chicago, New Jersey, and New York with brief weekend home stop ins mostly for hockey and laundry; However we did manage to fit in both his parents birthdays.  
Both kids have been sick in this time but mostly Hadley who has missed 6 days of school over the three weeks.
Yesterday after two days of basically no sleep for me, her fever finally broke.  
Today she is just tired as she was just uncomfortable all night... so another day off school.  Hopefully she will be well enough tomorrow to go back to school.  Sadly she is missing Valentine's day at school.  Easton took her cards in for her classmates, and since Brian got home last night at midnight, I was able to go out to the grocery store this morning to get some fresh food, the drug store to replenish fever supplies, and also bring home some Valentine's flowers.  

- Leanne Verkley

Olympics 2018

This is the first time our kids are going to experience the Olympics from home.  in 2010 we went to Vancouver (Easton was in utero) and in 2014 we went to Sochi.
So this morning even though Brian was in New Jersey, we all got up at 6am and did a video chat with Brian while watching the opening ceremonies on CBC.  It kind of feels odd being at home.  
However, the kids are at a good age to experience this with their friends at school.  Unfortunately things ran a lot differently this year in South Korea and going to the Olympics was just plain difficult.  
So... we will try this new experience with the kids.  They seemed excited about watching Canada walk in this morning as they were all cuddled up in their blankets on the couch... and while the weather interrupted our antenna at the exact time the Canadian's walked in, we were happy that we live in the age of internet where we could look up the live feed on CBC, back it up a minute or two and watch what we missed.  
It was a little crazy to get the kids to the bus on time but we managed and everyone left for school happy!
I love the Olympics!  

- Leanne Verkley

Anne Marie's birthday

Last weekend we travelled to Julie's house in Cambridge to celebrate Brian's mom's birthday.  The kids, Brian, Julie and I sang both to Brian's mom and then Brian's mom later sang with us to celebrate Brian's birthday.  Brian has been travelling a lot and we didn't know if we could fit in another family visit  so soon so this opportunity was perfect.  
Since Julie and Brian's mom had no plans to watch Superbowl we left around 4pm so we could get home in time to watch the big game.  The kids loved the chips and snacks and the half time show by Justin Timberlake and were interested enough in the game itself but since it was a school night they only watched until the halftime show was over.
The Eagles won 41 to 33 against the Patriots.  This is the first time ever that the Eagles had won a Superbowl.  So that was cool!  

- Leanne Verkley

John's 68th Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Brian's dad's 68th birthday.  He, Patti Jo and Julie came to watch Easton's hockey game and then lunch, snacks, decorate your own cupcakes, and a roast beef dinner.
All with the NHL all star game in the background and just dance wii games going on as well.
It was a lovely day.

- Leanne Verkley

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