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On Good Friday the kids did the Easter Egg Hunt in Greenwood. This year it was broken into age groups and eggs were hidden in different areas.  Each kid got about 5 eggs and met the Easter bunny.

Hadley and I went to the Pickering Easter parade.  The boys were not interested in going but Hadley wanted to go.  This was our first time and well, it wasn't super awesome to be honest.  There were what felt like ten minute breaks in between floats, and lots of just random cars.  The highlight was the Easter bunny near the end which Hadley said was the same as the one from Greenwood and my friends two kids were in the parade.  
I did have some lovely Hadley and me time!  So that made it all worthwhile.  In fact we even did some grocery shopping afterwards and she was so helpful!  

On Easter Sunday we coloured eggs, had an egg hunt in our house, and of course enjoyed the loot brought by the Easter bunny.  Hadley is sure he must be real as she doesn't ever see the sugar eggs that were left and Easton says he must be real too because how would his parents go out the night before when all the stores were closed to get the chocolate bunnies.  It just isn't logical.  
We had a lovely ham dinner together.

Monday was no school but Brian had to work so we enjoyed some time walking down our road, playing in the ditch, mud and with the neighbours.  

Then the following Saturday we went to the Elmira Maple Syrup Festival where we enjoyed a wonderful pancake breakfast with some of the best maple syrup of course.  We also bought a bunch of other goodies to enjoy.  

This was followed by a lovely visit at Brian's moms house where we had Easter dinner, and celebrated Hadley and Julie's birthday.

Sunday we also celebrated Easter but this time at my dads.  Again we were able to link two birthdays.  Hadley's and my dads.  

All in all, a good Easter!

- Leanne Verkley

Hadley is 11

This past week we celebrated Hadley's 11th birthday!  The morning of her birthday she enjoyed breakfast in bed, with balloons and streamers decorating her room.  At school she gave out mini cupcakes to her class and her french class sang to her.  She was also glad to hear her name on the announcements.  After school she opened the presents from us.  A learn to draw book with a mechanical pencil.  She has since drawn two of the people and describes them as her best drawings ever!  
We also got her the LOL surprise doll perl surprise package where the mini dolls are in a bath fuzzy that needs to dissolve before revealing the dolls.  And Easton got her mini Hatchimals figures that need love and rubbing to crack open their eggs to reveal the cute toys enclosed.
We had dinner out at Montana's where she wore moose antlers and they sang to her.

Today we went for Hadley's annual check up.  She is now 86.6 pounds up from 73.8 pounds last year.  She is just over the 50th percentile for weight, which is about the same as last year and completely average for kids her age.  
She is wearing a size 14 clothing.  
She is now 139.5 cm up from 133 cm from last year.  This is around the 15th percentile.  This is the same as last year.  This apparently short for her age group but she seems similar to her peers.  
Hadley was asked how she is at school and during extra curricular activities, how she is around her peer group and family.   Her blood pressure was 110/80 which is normal.  
Overall an easy check up.
Another healthy year for the books!

- Leanne Verkley

2018-03-26 21:45:08

I suppose I should note some of her favourite things:  Playing my little pony at recess, skating, she loves to draw and play with clay.  Watching Cookie Swirl C is a fun pass time for her which is a girl on Youtube who unboxes toys and shows them off.  She likes the show MIa and Me, and of course the My little Pony shows.  LOL toys and Hatchimals are her favourite toys at the moment.  She enjoys board games, specifically Ticket to Ride and the Game of Life and Clue.  Her favourite food is stewing beef!  She loves Cat EVERYTHING!  She is in size 4 shoes.  

- leanne

2018-03-31 20:12:27

I should also note that Hadley is now in size 14 kids clothes.  (Usually her age matches her size... soon she will be in adult clothing).  

- Leanne

Nebs and Putting Edge

Today I decided to let the kids be in charge of the day.  Hadley chose the morning to go to Nebs fun world where we enjoyed double the tickets (march break special) at the fun fair type rides.  They loved the mini roller coaster, the skylight screamer, and the new dark ride XD interactive game.   Then a game of bowling and arcade time.  Easton tried a game kind of like whack a mole in the arcade and won an astounding 500 tickets to claim at the prize desk.  He won a large and small ball, a sticky hand, a popper toy and rockets candy.  Hadley got a cute little key chain that had a donut on it and a small bouncy ball.

In the afternoon Easton decided that we would go to putting edge where we would enjoy a round of glow in the dark mini golf.  It is here that Hadley and I both got a hole in one on the last hole!

It was a fun but very full day!  
We enjoyed a rather pleasant bedtime routine.  Although it went late, it was pleasant.  

- Leanne Verkley

Zoo and Skiing

This past weekend was the beginning of the of the March Break.  So as a family, we kicked it off well!  
We visited the Toronto Zoo, specifically to see the pandas as they are only here for a few more days.  We are so fortunate to have had them in Toronto for the past few years.  They were here long enough to have two babies, but after March 18th they will be moving on.  So we went on a beautiful day and saw all four of them up close!

Then we took the kids skiing for the day.  While there is grass and lots of sunshine in our backyard, the weather was -1 and perfect for a day on the slopes.
The snow was a little grainy but ok with a 50-70cm base, there was hardly anyone on the hills so it was a great day to be out!
After skiing all day, we were surprised to see that the kids could have kept going into the evening!  
We all had a wonderful day!
It started with a little learning curve as it had been a year since we were all on the hills, but by the end of the day we had a nice mix of green and blue hills to enjoy!

- Leanne Verkley

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