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Today I was fortunate enough to join Easton and all the kids under grade 2 on a class trip to see Pigmania.  A musical story about the three little pigs.  It was done by the same people that did Goldirocks which I saw last year with Hadley.  
It was a rainy day so a perfect day to enjoy an indoor outing.  
I always feel blessed that I can be at school trips.  So thankful.

- Leanne Verkley

Easton can ride a bike!

This morning started with an Easter Egg Hunt in Greenwood.  The kids loved it!  Plus Easton saw Steven from his class and Andrew his twin (in another class).  
Then this afternoon with the amazing weather, we decided to take the kids to the old neighbourhood.  To the spot where Hadley learned to ride her bike.  Today was Easton's turn.  After just a short while and a few frustrating tries, he got it!
We first had him just try to hold his feet up, he did that over and over again until he could finally ride down the small hill with his feet up.  Then he tried it with his feet on the pedals.  
It's official, we have a two wheeled bike rider!   He LOVES the freedom!  
We are so proud of him.  We brought his bike but he preferred Hadley's bike.  So both kids learned on the same bike.
A beautiful family day!
Easton was so confident that he rode all the way to the park!  (Where there was new equipment and we met up with Adam and James and their mom Tara).  Then he rode back to where we parked the van.
Awesome!  Congratulations Easton!

- Leanne Verkley


Last night after dinner Butterscotch started to show signs of labour.  Panting and looking for places to hide.  So we monitored her and eventually she just laid down beside me and wanted me to pet her.  I knew bedtime for the kids was going to be a bust.  But this was such an amazing opportunity for them to experience.  By 7:45pm the first kitten was delivered.  All black.  Hadley was so excited.  The second one came at 8:04pm and was a tabby, possibly calico mix like Butterscotch.  By 8:28pm we had three.  This one a ginger.  
The excitement slowed down at this point.  Butterscotch was a rockstar and knew exactly what to do.  There were cute little kitty cries and then babies eating.  By almost 10pm Easton had fallen asleep and by 11pm Hadley finally fell asleep.  
Then at 11:20pm the fourth kitten arrived.  Another black one with little to no fur on its feet.  Maybe ginger feet?
Then at 11:25pm another all black one.  This one born breach.  We woke Hadley for these as she had just gone upstairs.
She said now that the kitties were here, her dreams have come true!
I stayed up until just after 1am and all seemed well.  Then at 5:55am, Hadley was up!  There were only two kitties at the birth site.  So, I got up!  Only to find her carrying them to a secret place behind a spare door in the basement.  They all seem fine.  
The kids can't wait to hold them.
Butterscotch is a fantastic mom!
Hadley made a powerpoint presentation before school with three photos.  Pregnant Butterscotch, 5 kitties on day one, and 5 kitties hiding behind a door on day two.  She was so excited to run to the bus to tell Donna her driver.  She yelled kitties, kitties kitties all down the lane.
She can't wait to tell people at school!
Easton wanted to share too.  So he told about how there were three when he went to bed and 5 when he woke up!

- Leanne Verkley

Mandy and Jensyn

On April 8th Jensyn was in a skating competition about half an hour from our house so Hadley and I went to meet up with her and Mandy!  The girls picked the restaurant and the dessert place.  
We went to a kabab restaurant for dinner and Marble Slab for ice cream afterwards.  Hadley's ice-cream was strawberry with marshmallows, gummie bears, nerds, and extra strawberries for good measure.  It was a fun night out!  

- Leanne Verkley

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