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Julie's and Wole's Wedding

In my head, I thought I had blogged about this, but just now, I realized that I hadn't.
On Friday night, July 27th we headed to Cambridge to attend the wedding rehearsal and dinner where we met members of Wole's family as well as both Julie and Wole's friends that would be in the wedding the next day.  
I think this is where it really hit me that Lisa has been sick and wouldn't be at the wedding.  A big deal!  This post is not about her sickness but I think it is important to note that she was deeply missed at this event!  To read more about what is going on with her as it is her story to tell, visit:

The rehearsal evening went well and both kids were super happy to be part of Julie's big day and were very surprised when she and Wole gifted a bracelet for Hadley and an airhog drone toy for Easton.  I think this is where both kids realized that they would gain an uncle and it wasn't just Julie's wedding but their aunt and uncle's wedding.

Saturday July 28th we woke up at the hotel early to have breakfast before heading to get our hair and make up done.  This basically took all morning.  Brian and Easton went to get some last minute errands done and then met us back at Julie's with food!  We were so thankful that they could do the running around that we needed them to do.
This was followed up with the girls getting formally dressed at Julie's house and Brian and Easton getting dressed back at the hotel where they met Wole for photos.
The girls went outside and across the street with the rock walls for just a few photos before we went to the golf course for pre-wedding photos all together.  

Easton loved wearing his suit and pulled on the coat in such a cute way that you could see how proud he was to be all dressed up at an important event.  Up until days before he was quite nervous about being the ring bearer but after the rehearsal he was sure he could handle it and did amazing the day of the wedding.  
Hadley loved putting on a pretty dress with her new shoes and having her hair fussed over.  She was happy to be with Julie all day, loved her flowers,  and her junior bridesmaid title.
They both loved helping out with a special flag moment at the wedding as well.
It's kind of fun when your entire family has an event to get all dressed up for.  I was quite happy with my dress as well and Brian looked handsome as always.

It was unexpected but such a wonderful surprise to see Brian's grandma Stock was able to attend.  We even got an updated photo with her, which I am grateful to have.  
While not at all the same, but the best we could do, we were able to live stream the wedding to Lisa and Jeff all the way in Dawson.

Brian and I were in charge of the candy table.  Apparently there was a conversation that Julie and Brian had years ago that went something like:
Julie:  If I get married, Brian, you can be in charge of the candy table.
Brian: Sure.

So... we were in charge of the candy table.  Which was actually kind of fun.  There were trays, and containers to shop for, candy with special significance:  Liquorice, and gummy bears because they were a childhood staple at family events.   Fish candy because Julie and Wole met through the Plenty of Fish website.  Rockets because they are Easton's favourite candy which he handed out to almost everyone at the wedding and had an inside pocket stash available to him all night in his coat pocket.  Then there were other candies like hershey's kisses, candy hearts, chocolate hearts, and many other fun candies.  We also went for Stroopwafel's and speculass as they are dutch treats.  

Wole's family came in such beautiful garments.  I really do love seeing what other cultures wear to formal events.  
It was fun to see how much Wole included Hadley and Easton in this day.  Even in the quiet moments when he was dancing with Easton when he thought nobody was watching, or just a nice hug with Hadley while they waited for the photos to progress.  He gained a niece and nephew!  They felt loved I am sure.    
The speeches were heartfelt and I may have teared up.  Julie's smile throughout the day showed pure joy!  
The Nigerian dancers added some extra fun to the event and Wole couldn't help himself but to join in.   The sparklers later in the evening were also quite fun!  
We danced the night away!  
The kids made it all the way until it was time to clean up and then Hadley pushed 6 chairs together to make a bed and Easton just crashed on the floor.

The next morning we got up to meet up with the Helen, Rudy, Sharon, Frank, and Brian's mom for breakfast.  We were joined by Julie and Wole for a few minutes as well and then after breakfast we actually headed back to their place to drop off the van full of stuff that we had packed up for them the night before.

The kids were super happy to find out that the hotel allowed us to come back after checkout and use their swimming pool before heading home.  There were many cannon balls and happy smiles.  

- Leanne Verkley


We have had a pretty busy July.  We decided this summer that we were going to show our kids how to experience a few of the awesome things that are within driving distance of our house.  That being said, we did use some of Brian's hotel points and that made it feel more like a vacation!
We started at Casa Loma in Toronto where we explored the castle in the city.  We walked for hours exploring all levels of the castle and even the castle grounds.  We were fortunate to have a beautiful day for this!
We stayed down town Toronto after this as the next day was a busy one exploring Ripley's Aquarium, the Blue Jays game and the CN Tower!  
We arrived at the Aquarium early in the morning which is good because at the day went on it got busier and busier.  But the timing was perfect to bring us outside for a hotdog from the vendors before heading into the Blue Jays game!  We had great seats which were only in the sun for about two innings and then we were nicely seated in the shade as the dome was open!  The jays unfortunately lost 2-1 against the Yankees.  However, the kids had a great time with their popcorn and peanuts, and then after the game they were able to run the bases as it was a junior jays day!  
After some dinner we headed up the CN tower at the perfect time to be up during daylight and then we were able to watch the sun set.  The kids had no problem jumping on the glass floor.  Something they did at the Eiffel Tower also.  I on the other hand was a little less trusting but did manage to step foot on the glass floor.  We came down to the tower lit up and had beautiful memories of a very full day!
Again we stayed in the same hotel so that we could leave early in the morning to head over to centre island.  We enjoyed walking the grounds through the maze and such, as well as Centreville rides, and then a beautiful afternoon on the beach!  
One more night at the hotel as the next day was Wonderland!
This is such a fun time to do rides with the kids.  We picked the perfect day.  It was a Tuesday and all rides had line ups of less than 30 minutes.  Some 5 minutes.  Plus Easton is tall enough to do all the rides that I am comfortable doing.  Both kids love the Wild Beast!  It hurts me a little.  We didn't even go in the kid section as they were having too much fun on the big rides.  By the end of the Day we got both kids on Dragon Fire.  Two upside down loops and a cork screw.  
Hadley got Brian on the VERY HIGH swings, but I stayed with Easton as he wasn't quite tall enough.  
There are two rides:  Behemoth and Leviathan that I can't

- Leanne Verkley

2018-07-29 17:12:24

quite get my head around why people would ride them so... we didn't.  They have crazy drops!  From here we went home for one night to check on the cats.  But we were up and at it again the next day with a trip planned for great wolf lodge. We drove the Niagara Falls and we were able to get into the waterpark as soon as we arrived.  Then we got a text later to say our room was ready closer to dinner time.  We spent many hours in the water going down all the water slides!  We stayed in the Kids camp room which was super cute including bunk beads and a "tent" looking room for the kids to stay in.  The river canyon run was a fun slide as we could go down as a family but some how Brian always ended up going backwards!  The kids loved the Big foot pass which was floating lily pad type game where they had to walk across the water to get to the other side without falling in.  There was also a wave pool and lazy river and even an outdoor pool.  We decided not to do the other adventures that GWL had to offer and made the get away about the water park.  We did manage to see the Falls before we left Niagara to head home for a day.  We needed this day to check on the cats do laundry, and grocery shopping before we packed up again for week two of our vacation!

Once the van was all packed up and ready to go we headed to Peterborough where we stopped at the Riverview Park and Zoo.  Here we walked through a small zoo which was free, and then the kids enjoyed some really great park time with one of the longest slides I have ever seen!  
Then we continued our drive up to Fish Tail Lake where we had rented a cottage for the week.  (This time with a cat sitter in place so we wouldn't have to come home half way through).  This was wonderful!  We slowed things down!  I had time to read a book!  We taught the kids to kayak!  We also canoed.  We had a day were we canoed to our picnic spot.  We had an evening with placid waters where we followed a beaver, but then we eventually got too close and we watched him slap his tail down. We heard the loon calling many times.  Enjoyed much water time!  We played Risk, and Ticket to Ride a few times and MANY games of Euchure. Easton LOVES Euchure!!!!  And he is good at it!  We tried to get some walks in but the bugs were bad.  However, they were fine down by the water for the most part except right after sunset.  It was lovely to have a cottage right on the water with access to canoes and kayaks whenever we wanted!  We baked bread and pizza from scratch with the kids.  And only had one rainy day.  We only turned the TV on for the final match where France beat Croatia in the FIFA world cup.  
Unfortunately there was a fire ban on so no campfires.  We did however enjoy Kwartha Dairy ice cream a few times.  
On the way home we made a detour and spent a few hours (most of the day) at Brian's uncle Jeff's house where they treated us to a wonderful wood fired pizza.  It was sooooo good!  Plus we got to see Geddy (AKA Ginger), one of the kittens who is now all grown up.  Fortunately he was tolerant of Hadley who handled him as if he had been around kids his entire life.  Meanwhile he is pretty much an outdoor cat with indoor sleeping privileges.  I think the kids enjoyed seeing him.  Easton too, although his time with the cat was a little more like kitty snuggles.  
We had a great time making all these memories.  I am so thankful!  

- leanne

Year in Review Grade 2 and 5

End of school year questions:

What do you remember about every day at school?
Who is your best friend?
What is your favourite book?
The One and Only Ivan.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Someone who works in a restaurant.
What is your favorite food to take to school?
What is your favorite thing in gym, recess and or extracurricular?
What is your favorite song?
Castle on the Hill by Ed Sherran and Titanium by David Guetta.
What is your favourite thing to watch?
Tiny Turtle and Little Lizard on Youtube.
Who was your teacher?
Teacher: Mrs. Hermann

What do you remember about every day at school?
An hour of math.
Who is your best friend?
What is your favourite book?
Bobcat Rescue by Susan Hughes
What do you want to be when you grow up?
Foster cat parent.
What is your favourite food to take to school?
What is your favourite thing in gym, recess and or extracurricular?
Playing ponies at recess with friends.
What is your favourite song?
Titanium by David Guetta.
What is your favourite thing to watch?
Cookie Swirl C and Stampy on Youtube
Who was your teacher?
Mrs. Marquis (same as grade 1) .

- Leanne Verkley

Year in Review

- Leanne Verkley

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