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Verkley Christmas

This past week has been a busy one preparing for the extended Verkley Christmas.  Shopping to do (I spent an entire day shopping with my brother for gifts, which was so nice and a fun tradition that we have), and then I did a very large grocery shop!  We had 35 people in our house yesterday!  With that comes a week or more of clean up, a few projects being completed like the mudroom closet, and now a week of post party clean up.
I wouldn't change it!  I loved having my house full of so much love!  The 12 foot tree was trimmed and set a beautiful scene with light Christmas music in the background.  While I cooked two turkeys, Hadley made two desserts (apple crisp and holiday Rice Krispie squares), and just before eating I made salted potatoes, the rest of the potluck included a third turkey, a ham and a plethora of other wonderful food!  
By the way, Easton came home from school this week and told me he learned the word plethora, so I am glad to be able to use it in this post!
It was a joyful day indeed.  
Everyone made quite the trek to come here but everyone seemed happy to do it!
All in all a wonderful day!

- Leanne Verkley

Music, Mudroom, Parade, Holiday Train, Duffin's Creek, Pickering Tree Lighting, Tree, Wood Signs

While we are always busy, the last few weeks were no different.
The kids are practicing their instruments routinely.  Hadley is a few new songs each week.  Soon she will try songs that she recognizes but for now they are the standard two line songs with just a few notes.  She happily practices and it sounds lovely!
Easton is playing songs that are recognizable like Wild Thing by the Troggs and Time Of Your Life by Green Day.  He likes that he can play them but doesn't love to practice.  Although when people come to visit they both happily put on their little concerts.  (So practice time on those days is amazing)!

Brian and I have been working hard to get the mudroom closet functioning.  Up until now we just had a space with doors.  Now there are shelves, and a coat rack.  SO MUCH BETTER!

We took the kids to the Ajax Santa Claus Parade to kick start the holiday season.  While it was green and warm it still jolted us into Christmas!
Then I took the kids out of school about an hour early so we could go to Oshawa to see the CP Holiday Train come through.  This year Colin James and Emma Lee sang the carols.  The lights on the side of the train were lovely and even had a Canada 150 tribute however it was so early this year at 3pm that it was still light out and hard to see the lights even though they were on.

I was fortunate enough to go with Hadley on her trip to Duffin's Creek.  In the morning we learned how to make an A frame shelter with ropes (that they needed to learn how to tie a knot with), logs, and tarp.  Then each child got a turn to light a match and build a small fire.  This was very exciting for them!
In the afternoon the kids did a mapping exercise where they had to locate things around the property while keeping note of where north was.
I remember doing something similar as a kid at a place called Wildwood.  FUN TIMES!

This past weekend I took the kids to the Pickering Tree Lighting Ceremony.  It is always busy but always good.  This year Splash & Boots sang, (we managed to find a spot literally under the tree near the front and the kids could see fairly well, then we were eventually able to get them right up front when a few people left to do other events), the kids did a Christmas tree craft, saw Santa and Mrs. Claus, went on some rides, and of course we enjoyed the fireworks and saw the large trees with all their beautiful lights!

We are hosting the Verkley Christmas this year so we decided this weekend to go pick out our tree and because it is a special year (hosting and all), we decided to go BIG!  We got a 12 foot tree!  It looks amazing!  I can't wait for it to open fully and decorate it!

Shaye came this weekend for our Christmas visit as her family Christmas was in Oshawa this year.  The kids were spoiled with My little pony figures for Hadley and Pokemon cards for Easton.  Shaye and I decided to gift each other an experience this year.  So we went and painted wood signs.  They turned out fairly well actually.  The group that was there were regulars and we were the new people so they seemed pretty excited that we were there.  Lots of laughter and some concentration.  

- Leanne Verkley

Hockey life

In the last few weeks we have been hockey busy.  First we made a last minute trip to Orillia to visit with Shaye and go to the Hometown hockey event put on by Rogers Sportsnet.  There were games, entertainment, Beavertails, and more.  Plus we enjoyed a lovely dinner out with Shaye. Deep fried pickles are sooooo yummy at Brewery Bay!
Easton has started power skating and after only a few lessons we already see an amazing difference!  He is so fast now!  In fact he won player of the game today at hockey!
Hadley is doing First Shift Hockey, she mildly enjoys it but has decided that once it is finished, figure skating is for her.  Not hockey.   At least it gives her ice time.
Speaking of figure skating, she is gaining so much strength in her figure skating and starting some really cool spin moves.  The three turn, and the mohawk (like a three turn but with a foot switch).
Both kids are so fun to watch on the ice.
There is always a lot going on but life is good.

- Leanne Verkley

Music, Derek's 40th, Verkley picnic, Hockey and skating, school, Halloween, Nathan's birthday and Hometown hockey OH MY...

Both kids have started music lessons.  Easton on the guitar and Hadley on the piano (keyboard).  Easton can now play wild things by the Troggs fairly well after only a month of lessons, and Hadley just started last week and is on her way to playing Merrily we roll along also known as Mary had a little lamb.  I was fortunate to find teachers that come to our house.  It is a beautiful thing!  I can hear and watch them while prepping dinner, or other things.  Plus then I know how to help them practice throughout the week.  
We went to celebrate Brian's friend Derek's 40th birthday.  It was fun to watch Brian with his public school friends.  
The next day was a Verkley picnic at Brian's aunt Maria's.  These are always fun.  So much food and people to catch up with.
While there is the regular hockey and skating for Easton and Hadley, we also signed Hadley up for First Shift Hockey.  She get's 8 weeks of hockey and all equipments made by Bauer is included.  The catch is that it is only for kids that have never played hockey before, so Easton couldn't do it.  However, he will get her hand me down equipment when he grows.
There was a potluck at the school for all the lunch supervisors which was fun and the food was fantastic.  
I volunteered to help Hadley's class make apple crisp.  There were apples everywhere and the kids peeled, sliced and mixed while I helped with the oven.  MMMmmmmm.
The breakfast program is going strong at the school.  Twice a week we serve bins to all the classrooms with 3-4 food groups to choose from.
We managed to fit in a visit to the zoo with the kids in costume for Boo at the Zoo as well as a fun event at the Greenwood community centre where there were crafts and games for the kids.  Hadley was Anna from the movie Frozen and Easton was Captain America.  This year I was a cat and Brian felt that Captain Canada needed to make an appearance, so he wore all the Canadian gear he could find and carried around a hockey stick while trick or treating.  
We had a Halloween dance at the school which was a lot of fun!  
I volunteered in Easton's class on Halloween so that stations of fun could happen.
Easton's friend Nathan had his 7th birthday party which was a NERF party.  The kids had an amazing time!

- Leanne Verkley

2017-11-06 08:29:41

Ooops, this was supposed to go in the original post but I will put it here... Yesterday we drove to Orillia for the Hometown Hockey event.  There were games, activities, stage shows, beaver tails and more.  Plus a fun day with my friend Shaye and a fantastic meal at Brewery Bay!    

- leanne

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