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Easton's Night Time Song

So I was putting Easton to sleep and I started to sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star when he said, "Stop." and put his hand over my mouth.
"B's" he says.  
I look at him puzzled.
"Daddy!" he shouts. "B's!"
Then he starts to sing on his own, "a blah blah blah" to the tune of ABC's.
Ah, I get it, so I start to sing ABC's and he says "Ya!" and puts his head down and goes to sleep.

That's right, Easton (1 year old still) just requested his own night time song by name.

- Brian Verkley

2013-08-25 00:21:03

Twinkle Twinkle Little star is the same tune as the ABC's.  He recognized the tune, but thought they were the wrong words.

- cwoneil

Our New Tractor

We bought a tractor.  OK a lawn tractor technically but it has a three point hitch, hydraulics, and a 62" cutting deck.  It looks like a tractor.  It feels like a tractor.

Paul delivered it while I was out of town, so tonight was my first chance to use it.  Ohhh ya.  It has crazy power.  I cut over small trees on half throttle and it didn't even blink a headlight.  I drove it up hill while cutting and pulling a wagon and it asked for more work.  It is a tractor.

We were looking for a while and we couldn't find a used John Deere X500 series tractor anywhere in Ontario for a reasonable price.  The X500 is the smallest "ground engaging" tractor, meaning you can run a tiller, or a cultivator, or a box blade, or whatever.  It also has the frame to pull a load and the power to drive a larger than 48" deck.  Then we came across a used X700 in Listowel for a little more than we were thinking of paying for the X500.  The X700 is the big brother.  Not only can you do ground engaging but you can add an optional front loader, or hydraulic front mounted snow blower, or run a 10KW generator off the rear PTO.  Yes, it has a PTO.  We took it.  More than we need but who is complaining about extra power.

The plan for now is to cut the weeds down, pick some rocks, and hopefully plant some seedlings.  We'll need the tractor and wagon for all of that.

Seems like this machine will work and it was sure fun to drive.

- Brian Verkley

2012-04-19 22:03:32

Power steering also rocks!

- leanne

2012-05-05 04:21:55

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- huangpingqi

2012-06-26 21:44:24

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Leanne and I own some land

Roughly here: (google maps link including directions from 401)

It is 10 acres of ex-farmland at the end of a dead-end gravel road less than 5 min from the edge of town.  Definitely in the country, and because of the greenbelt, will remain in the country.  This is exactly what we were looking for.  I wanted something with some land so the kids could play on lawn instead of the street.  Leanne who also appreciates the space, grew up in town and wanted to be within 15 min of a grocery store.  At the edge of town (Westney and Taunton) they just built a grocery story, a bank, a McDonald's, and a Beer Store.  Perfect.  

The property doesn't have a lot of trees, just one row of trees right down the middle and some along the long disused road, but we can fix that.  The plan is to plant trees/orchard in the back 5 acres, and house/lawn (and pond?) in the front 5.  I can't wait.

The process to this point was a long one, taking many months (years?) but we couldn't be happier with our place.  We'll be working on zoning and house plans through the winter, and if all goes well, we'll start construction next spring.  I'm looking forward to having a larger living room open to the kitchen for hosting parties, and a spare bedroom for when you come to stay over.  Not to mention a place to play baseball and soccer and ride my bike.

It is much too cold to go camping tonight with our kids, so we just walked around, took a few photos, drew an initial in the dirt, and then ran back to the warmer van.  We were explaining to Hadley that this land is now ours and we asked her where we should put our house.  She said she didn't want it on the rocks, so I told here we could dig hole and get rid of the rocks.  She thought for a second and then mentioned, "I don't want our house in a hole, Dad!"  Okay Hadley, we'll move the rocks, find some dirt, and build the house on that.  Good.  There might be more to house planning that I thought!  haha.

To live in the country again... I can't wait.

- Brian Verkley

2011-11-19 16:00:26

As was pointed out to me by two different friends, yes, there will be more room for more frequent LAN parties as well.  (And maybe even a D&D party, and a board game party, skating party?  scrapbooking party, birthday party, and all the other parties you might want to have at our house.)

- brian

2011-11-19 15:59:48

Sweet! I can't wait until your place is done..... I have been looking at lots of floor plans, I want to see what yours looks like next time I visit. Today I saw two houses with double sided fireplaces, TO THE OUTSIDE! One side living room, other side, on the balcony, wow, so great! Wouldn't work for making smores, but it would look cool.

- julie

Hadley can now work with the abstract

Last night before bed, Hadley decided that we would need to have presents for Mom and Dad and Easton and Hadley.  "So," she said, "That's one," as she pointed to me, "two," as she pointed to herself, "three," as she pointed to the wall, "four." as she pointed to another place on the wall.  "That's four presents."  

She counted things that she couldn't see but she knew to exist.

- Brian Verkley

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